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Group Classes Make Pilates Affordable Without Sacrificing Quality!!

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"We LOVE Richie, his classes are exciting and I've seen the improvements in my body after just 10 classes!!"

"Keely's classes are Great! She takes the time to provide corrections always checks everybody in class."

"Pilates Reforming NY is the Best! The Price is right and the teachers are very well trained."

"I wish they had more early morning classes. However that is my only complaint. The studios are clean, the staff is friendly, and knowledgable. I buy classes for a great price and can use them at any of three studios. No matter where I am, I can take class!

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About us

Group Classes Make Pilates Affordable Without Sacrificing Quality!!

Our Mission Statement

Affordable Pilates for Every...body!!

We are dedicated to introducing Every...body to the wonderful health and wellness benefits of the Pilates Method. Our goal is for Every...body to expereince both the personal and professional positive impact and improved quality of life. Our primary tool is the Pilates reformer however we employ all the Pilates apparatus with faithful adherence to the Pilates Principles.

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Pilates Reforming NY Staff

Out Teachers Are Certified And Our Support Staff Is Dedicated.

We are exceptionally proud of our staff. Our staff is among the most well trained and experienced in the industry. They received their training and certifications from the most well respected Pilates Educational Institutions in the world including Polestar Pilates, The Kane School and Power Pilates just to name a few.

Our whole staff is dedicated to providing you with the very best Pilates experience possible!

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About Pilates

Joseph Hubertus Pilates - A Man Before His Time

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The genius of Joseph Hubertus Pilates was that he created a wellness concept originally called Contrology based upon a series of exercises and movement patterns. When these are repeated, practiced with concentration, control and precision, essentially "Whole Body Commitment", the practitoner will achieve "Whole Body Health" in addition to a long lean body with a stron gore..

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Media Resources

In This Section Of Our Site We Provide A Wealth Of Information Resources

The links to the left will take you to Videos about our studios, about our policies, our workshops and our video marketing campaigns. We also provide orientation resources to be used as reinforcement to our Introductory Classes.

Following the links to the left you will find Articles written about us and by us. We have also included hard copies of articles we've found as well as links to others found online. The Photo Gallery chronicles workshops and Pilates related events both in our studio as well as those around the world. Finally, the Recommended Links will point you towards other Pilates and Health related businesses and resources. Please use the Contact Us link to give us your feedback on the links.

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Our Blog

We Will Share Current and Archival Pilates Information

Our Staff, Teachers and Educators have decades of Pilates experience and are eager to share. Whether in a group class, a private or in one of our many educational courses we want you to have the best possible Pilates expereince.

Please use our Blog as a resource. Our entire staff will contribute. We hope that the information you will gather from our Blog will help supplement your Pilates knowledge. With Pilates knowledge you can improve you Pilates expereince.

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Studios Overview

Our Studios Are Available To Provide You The Best Pilates Experience Possible

  • Our Midtown 38th St Studio
  • Our second midtown location has provides Chair and Reformer classes in addition to housing our Pilates Education Annex and Wellness Center.

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  • Our Eastside 76th St Studio
  • Conveniently located for our east side clients this studio boasts 10 reformers, one chair and a two towers providing a complete Pilates experience.

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  • Our Inwood 215th St Studio
  • Located in Manhattan's most northern reaches, this studio can accommodate six clients and houses our primary business offices.

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Class Descriptions
Class Levels


We Are Aligned With A Wide Variety of Healthcare Professionals

Massage Therapy

Massage Has been shown to help reduce stress, improve functional activity, reduce pain and improve quality of life in general. Try our On Site Massage Therapy and improve your Pilates experience.

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Chiropractic - Medical

In house we provide Chiropractic and Medical care as well as Acupuncture.

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Cosmetic Procedures

We are proud to help you look and feel your best. Try our In House Cosmetic Therapies including Laser, Botox and Dermal Fillers. Please follow the link to find out more information.

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We Are Here To Serve You And Provide A Great Pilates Experience

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