Pilates Reforming New York is the brainchild of Ann Toran. She was introduced to group reformer while attending a Pilates convention. Pilates was being used in her husband's healthcare facility, Health42, as part of the patient's rehabliltation protocols. Sadly instruction was being stopped prematurly by the patients due to the high costs of private instruction. Initially, health insurance did cover Pilates for rehabilitation, but only under the most strict of guidelines. When outside the guidlines, instruction would be terminated.

Ann saw the need to make Pilates AFFORDABLE! In the group format her dream was realized. A business plan and working model were created as an adjunct to Health42 over a decade ago. Today we have three locations on Manhattan.

We now have a staff of over twenty highly skilled teachers, as well as a small clerical staff supervised by our dedicated Office Manager, Vivan. Our teachers are all certified by some of the most well respected Pilates edcuational institutions including Balanced Body University, Polestar Pilates and the Kelly Kane School.

Though our classes are defined by level, each teacher brings their own flavor to each class they teach. Within the familiarity of the structured excercises, our teachers are encouraged to be expressive with respect to choreography, order and duration. This stabiliy with diversity is part of what makes our classes special.

Please explore our site, meet our staff, participate in our educational programs, browse our boutique, schedule your classes but most of all have fun as you get fit.